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  • "I was having low back pain with radiating leg pain that limited my functional mobility and no matter what I did to alleviate it (heating pad, stretching, ice, pressing on trigger points) nothing worked. I had not been to a chiropractor in over 30 years and was resigned to the fact that I probably needed to see one. I found Dr. Straughn and boy am I glad I did. My radiating leg pain was gone within one month as well as the low back pain. Dr.Straughn took a conservative approach with my treatment and did not have me coming back for unnecessary visits jut to bill my insurance company. Dr. Straughn is honest, trustworthy, personable and you can't go wrong with him. If you are in need of an excellent chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr.David Straughn. I am feeling better than I ever did before."
    Cindy R.


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